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Elder Gods

Kothes ~ Son of Gaia. Oldest god on Arlania. Kothes is the god of the wild, nature spirits, and earth mages. Despite his name, he requires his followers to have control of their impulses and emotions. Primary god of the elves, though others turn to worship him as well.

Vhedril ~ Daughter of Gaia. Twin sister of Ghedril, lover of Kothes, and mother of Promethus. Goddess of the sun, Sun Elves, and healers. Primary god of the elves.

Ghedril ~ Daughter of Gaia. Twin sister of Vhedril, lover of Kothes, and mother of Promethus. Goddess of the moon, Moon Elves, seers, and shapeshifters. Primary god of the elves.

Edan ~ Son of Gaia. Born from the first flame of the world. Lover of Llethra. God of fire, passion, fertility, music, the arts, and the phoenix. He is the primary god of the human kingdom Eanlasair. He gave fire to the bellies of the dragons.

Thena ~ Daughter of Gaia. Made to be a companion to Edan, she instead took a vow of celibacy and has her priestesses and Maidens do the same. Goddess of angels, justice, gold, righteous anger, and virgins. Primary goddess of Ilystaria. When in her land, you can pray to her and ask her to send her angels to defend you.

Llethra ~ Daughter of Gaia. Lover of Edan. Adoptive mother goddess to the Orcs. Goddess of dragons, mothers, the weak, and of the north. She’s often described as being loving and caring but also protective and passionate.

Thaos ~ Son of Gaia. Youngest of the elder gods. One time lover of Elona. Born from shadows, spilled blood, and Gaia’s womb. He is the god of dark magic and demons. He started a war that led to humans losing magic. He created a crater in the world that has a portal to the shadow realm.


Promethus ~ Son of Kothes, Ghedril, and Vhedril. Lover of Kalana. He has one eye like the sun and the other like the moon. He is the god of knowledge, scholars, and blacksmiths. Many races travel to his land in hopes to study in his university or, at the least, read through his library. He documents the movements of all gods and usually demands knowledge for knowledge.

Elona ~ One time mortal, she is the first goddess made using the blood of Gaia. One time lover of Thaos, she betrayed him in order to save lives. Goddess of necromancy, mothers, and shadow magic. Despite the power she teaches and grants, she demands her followers not use their magic for evil.

Craith ~ Oldest son of Thaos and Elona. God of soldiers. His birth caused the division between Sun and Moon Elves. His raven, Vari, is often seen on his shoulder. When Vari is not near him, the raven spies for him.

Hathus ~ Son of Thaos and Elona. Twin brother and lover of Eusa. God of incubi, fallen angels, lust, fertility, and chaos. He and his sister have been known to shapeshift as well. Despite what he and his sister are, they have more followers than one would expect.

Eusa ~ Daughter of Thaos and Elona. Twin sister and lover of Hathus. Goddess of succubi, fallen angels, lust, fertility, and chaos. Not as well known, she is thought by the country people to also oversee babies, children, and women in labor.

Karasim ~ Son of Thaos and Elona. Lover of Arisa. God of imps and summoners. He does not command as many followers as his siblings and father, but he still has the strength to reach through the realms, lure, and tame creatures from other realms.

Kalana ~ Daughter of Edan and Llethra. Lover of Promethus. Goddess of the ocean, lakes, ponds, sea creatures, and sometimes water dragons. Her people are sea-faring and are often sought by others to learn how to build ships and commands the waters.

Nysa ~ Daughter of Promethus and Kalana. Goddess of thieves, bandits, luck, and the less fortunate.

Darsus ~ Son of Promethus and Kalana. He used to be the patron god of the Darso kingdom, where the Thrason family once ruled. However, after the first great war, he fell with his kingdom and none have seen him since.

Suvius ~ Son of Edan and Llethra. Primary god of Naxos. God of war, wealth, excess, and soldiers. He is said to sit close to any king on the Naxon throne. He keeps his people constantly pushing at the borders of the other kingdoms, attempting to gain more land and followers.


Drudan Thrason ~ Elona’s Chosen. First born of the Thrason children. Lover to Elona. He commands not only Elona’s military, but also helps his siblings keep their forces in order. He killed his father and led his family and most of his people away into the care of Thaos and Elona before they parted ways.

Aiden Thrason ~ Elona’s Chosen. Second born of the Thrason children. He is a necromancer who keeps the blood crystals that were ripped from him by the gods in a staff. He commands several hundred other necromancers. Personally trained by Elona, he understands the evil that can come with the command of the magic and keeps his people, and a few lich, in line.

Marun Thrason ~ Elona’s Chosen. Third born of the Thrason children. He is constantly experimenting on the dead. He merges pieces of otherwise useless flesh, hearts, and more to create terrifying, yet strong, constructs. Just like his siblings, his command of the dead is weighted heavily in defense of their people and tending to the city.

Eamon Thrason ~ Elona’s Chosen. Fourth born of the Thrason children. Though his temper is less contained than his brothers, he stands alongside Drudan and trains Elona’s soldiers. Trained by Craith, his skills are remarkable and near perfect.

Gaius Thrason ~ Elona’s Chosen. Fifth born of the Thrason children. He stands apart from his siblings in his use of light magic. Retaining blood crystals that were ripped from him by the gods, he heals and trains others in the art of healing not only with magic.

Maida Thrason ~ Elona’s Chosen. Sixth born of the Thrason children. Quiet yet thoughtful, she commands basic magic and oversees several sorcerers and lich. Just like her two brothers, Maida keeps her old blood crystals close to her by use of a necklace. One time lover of Craith, his betrayal caused her to become one of the most reserved of the Thrasons. This proves useful in her training and deployment of spies.

Arisa Thrason ~ Elona’s Chosen. Seventh born of the Thrason children. Lover of Karasim. She is a blood mage who commands a small group of blood mages. Trained by Hathus as a teenager and older, she lost her hair color before she was bound to Elona. She also learned the extreme dangers of using blood magic, how demons can turn a blood mage to blood lust while using magic, and she personally kills anyone who defects.


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