Chapter 5: Daylor

The prophet’s silver-rimmed, colorless eyes stayed steady on him. Daylor had recounted to him every image he could remember of his dreams from the past two months. Plus the oracle, it was only the three of them, and he felt no shame in telling everything from last night’s dream. Some of the details changed from … Continue reading Chapter 5: Daylor


Chapter 4: Berhalis

Elrick had become disgruntled, Berhalis knew, but he stayed quiet concerning the situation of the dryad’s. It had been Daylor’s responsibility to keep Adalam near the men and protected, not pulled off the beaten path. Thallan assured Berhalis that Daylor was to lose that responsibility now. The elves were the human’s guardians. The elves were … Continue reading Chapter 4: Berhalis

Chapter 3: Daylor

“Keep watch over your heart,” a delicate voice called through the mists of snow. “Keep watch over the elves.” Daylor stood naked in the snow, staring into the flurries, which stretched on and on, blocking all paths from view. A stillness enveloped him despite what the world was around him. He remained unchanged while the … Continue reading Chapter 3: Daylor

Chapter 2: Berhalis

“What’s happened?” Lysian asked, rushing to Berhalis’s side. He sighed at her wide blue gaze watching the humans. The maiden promised to him shone with such a beautiful charm even when afraid and anxious. She caused him to smile even under such strenuous conditions. “They’ve come from Nudomri,” he murmured as more and more walked … Continue reading Chapter 2: Berhalis

Chapter 1: Daylor

(I plan to update this blog as often as possible with chapters for Elder Gods Overture. This is the prequel to the Void Waker series. If you'd like to read the first book for the series, click HERE to purchase Dryad's Touch on Amazon.) Daylor Tinuren lay on his back, running his hand through the white … Continue reading Chapter 1: Daylor