This page is dedicated to some very wonderful people that have worked with me on these projects. After looking at the artwork featured here, please take the time to check them out on their individual websites. They are extremely talented, hard working, and great to work with.


Patricia Leonardo Cavalieri or SicilianValkyrie, has worked on several character pieces for my books and I’m amazed nearly every time she sends a finished piece to me. I have admired her for years, and I’m very pleased with the work she has done for me. Her artwork includes characters, animals, beautiful scenery, children’s art, and more.
DeviantArt Page


rymfftmlKandace Reynolds or AlligatorCreator, has worked on several pieces for me over the years.She created the avatar and the picture on the banner for my Twitter. I wish I could feature them all, and I hope the ones shown do her some justice. She was the first artist I contacted through Deviantart and she helped me to feel more confident when I spoke to other artists (mostly due to her pleasant demeanor). Her artwork includes realism, cartoonish, children’s art, and more.

DeviantArt Page

Etsy Page


azz_by_azzedar_san-d76h504Azzedar-san has been working on the majority of the scenes from my book. This artist has accurately portrayed what I have imagined when writing my books.  Azzedars portfolio ranges from characters to animals to scenery.

DeviantArt Page



Shinzohotoroki is the artist responsible for the artwork on the about me page. He has some amazing work on his Devianart page.

DeviantArt Page


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