About A.W. Graybill


Ashley “Whitebread” Graybill was born and raised in Topeka, Kansas. A child of the 90’s, she grew up on shows like Hercules and Xena, which fed her young imagination. These led her to learn about actual mythology from various parts of the world and brought her to a love of fantasy, starting with stories such as The Hobbit and Acorna.

Her grandmother was a major contributor to her writing. Carolyn Whitebread encouraged Ashley to write, even if some of it was fanfiction. She also purchased her the many books and comics that gave Ashley inspiration. Sadly, Carolyn passed away in 2006; however, from death life may emerge. This was a major catalyst in Ashley’s life.

Ashley now lives in Nashville, TN and is a mother to five beautiful children who keep her moving.  She is also a gamer, an adventurous cook, a lover of sushi, and (as some describe her) extremely eccentric.

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